Street Art


This space used to be a public library, it was a complete coincidence, or perhaps prophetic.

Depth, detail, next generation inspired.


    3rd Edition Salt River Cape Town




The biggest French street artist, African roots working towards freedom, what education brings.



Giving colour to the streets, giving collaboration a face, together, we are indeed more.















The earth, the flowers, African soul. A world of knowledge for her future.















Community finger prints, human contact.

Interactive Spanish artist, tired of being wrapped up in social media.
















First Islamic artist.















Flew in, one and a half days, left. Stay beautiful is the message that remains.















Jozi artist, a young view, where communication leads to collaboration.



Uplift. Gender equality. Female. Mother nature.



































The Salt River area of Cape Town came alive with colour during the International Public Art Festival (IPAF) in February. Pietermaritzburg's Jono Hornby (pictured below) won the mural festival (artwork "Noms Zondi" above).   


Education taking us into the future.

An electrical engineer's view of the next generation.
















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